12 charity projects urgently waiting for your support!

Harsh times are happening with this world nowadays. So many of us live in illusion that life will continue to go on because nothing around our reality does not signal for danger all around the world – as long as we live in a safe place, we have what to eat and drink, where to live and we feel protected from the government.

The reality is different and as sad as it might sound we are kindly asking you to take off your imaginary glasses and visions, and look at the world from a perspective as a citizen of a world not your country. Climate change is the biggest action what influences this planet and the species in it, including humans. People die and suffer from a lack of water and food, from nature who is warning us everyday, from unpredictable weather conditions, from poorness and inequality. Human hands have destroyed most of the species in this world – those who are still alive fights for their lives every minute. Humans are destroying forests, polluting nature and the atmosphere and killing themselves unknowingly.

We need to awake now and start to be responsible about every action we do. We need to spread it around and try to get out of this mess and save our home, our children, our future. We need to start corporate as one organism and move the humanity out from the illusions straight to the reality and action how to make this world a safe place for a living.

Global Support have selected 12 worldwide issues who need help now. They are impacting each other and we need to invest in all of the projects a lot of work and money. Global Support idea is to say out laud everything, informing humanity and inviting to corporate for the biggest mission in human history – to save our planet and all the living beings on this planet.

Your donation will help us enormously to move one step forward. If you care for your future, this planet future and your children future, we are kindly asking you to donate! Together we can save this world!

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