Animal Shelter Support Program

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Cats and dogs depend on humans for their everyday needs – food, water, shelter, veterinary care, love and more. Yet millions of animals across the planet have no guardian to care for them, let alone a warm, comfortable place to curl up in at night. Many suffer and die on the streets or have to be euthanized for lack of good homes.

Animal homelessness is a complex crisis, but the solution is simple: adopt animals from shelters or the streets instead of buying them from breeders or pet stores and prevent unwanted animals from being born by always sterilising companion animals.

Animal shelters are improving the lives of animals every day. In the end, the only way to change these shelters for the better is to support them in the state they are currently in. Volunteering, donating and even just recommending these shelters to others looking to adopt can help improve not only the shelters themselves, but the lives of all of these animals in your area.

Nationally, only 20% of the dogs and cats in homes are adopted from animal shelters. Though permanent solutions to the homeless animal problems must focus on preventing animals from even being in shelters in the first place, the low percentage of animals obtained from shelters and rescue groups certainly compounds the tragedy.

We need to transcend sheltering and the current shelter system. The shelter system, as it exists today, and has existed for decades, has as one of its primary functions the processing of living beings – either by recycling them to new homes or destroying them, but to dispose of them somehow, to relieve people and communities of their responsibility for them.

What more can we do to manage animal shelter support program?
  1. It is important to remember that shelters themselves cannot solve the homeless animals problem for us. With your support it will be possible to make a worldwide research gathering together activists, volunteers and organizations who wants to fight for animals and their lives, to make together the best solutions and actions.
  2. Our aim is to create programs that prevent animals from becoming homeless – identification and microchipping programs, low cost spay/neuter, pet parenting classes and animal behavior help. We are the ones who must make the commitment, and take the actions, to ensure that we never cause an animal to be in an animal shelter. We must understand: as soon as this country stops filling animal shelters with homeless animals, the killing can stop. We also strive to inform and educate the public of the importance of spaying and neutering animals, proper medical care, heartworm prevention and the socialization and training of their pet(s).
  3. Your donation will be used for research, publications, campaigns, programs and many more actions to promote support to animal shelters. We want to love and socialize these animals to ensure the success of their future adoption and to place them in a permanent, loving home.

Thank you for understanding and your wish to support Animal Shelter support movement!