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Every good work brings satisfaction to oneself and delights to other people. It is a consciousness that we can take care not only of ourselves and our beloved ones, but also by supporting other families who doesn’t have a bit of what we have. People in developing countries still have difficulty accessing medicine, clean water and food. Also it is important to look locally to your neighbours or small villages in your country – are families living well? Children are fed up and can afford going to school? Unfortunately, family safety and emigration in war situations are also a big issue in this program.

With the goal of easing the burden of hunger and poverty in some of poorest communities all over the world, Family for the Family program links families with “more” to families with profoundly less.

Connecting donors with specific families in need through a constellation of family-friendly, hands-on giving programs, Family for the Family provides individuals, employees, families and children from all economic walks of life with concrete ways to “share their bounty” that actively encourage empathy and compassion.  Giving opportunities include sponsoring a family with monthly groceries, providing a book-hungry child with a book each month, making birthday boxes and many more.

What more can we do to manage Family for the family program?

  1. Charity Support main task for today is to make a worldwide research about this issue and come up with analytic information and suggestions for all the humanity living in different social conditions. Our team is already working hard with the research and cooperates with specialists in this area from biggest developed and poorest countries. With your support and cooperation with activists, volunteers and charity organizations based on the same values as Family to the family program, we will work to find the best ways how to find a solution and make a unified system to make a bridge between donor and poor families.
  2. The needs of families are very wide. Legal protection, migration issues, the consequences of unemployment, access to medical services – these are just some of the most widespread areas. Your support for the program will be a great opportunity for one of the families in trouble in long term perspective.
  3. Our main goal  in long term is to work of innovative programs that will act as a safety net for those who struggle daily to provide basic nourishment for themselves and their families. You can help families living below the poverty line in communities with high levels of unemployment, significant percentages of residents without high school degrees, and low incomes. We will also invest our time and resources to make an educational materials for humanity about this issue.

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Thank you for your compassion and support for the families!