Earthquake prevention

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It is known that earthquake are caused by disturbances deep down inside the uppermost layer of the earth. The outermost layer of the earth is not in a single piece but is broken into number of plates known as lithospheric plates or tectonic plates. These plates are moving around very slowly just a few millimetres every year due to the movement of the molten magma inside the earth. The movements of these plates cause changes on the surface of the earth and can cause an earthquake.

We often hear about the earthquake in news only once in a while, even though earthquake occurs all time, all over the earth. There are about 800 of them everyday.

There are many natural causes of earthquake:

  • Volcanic Activity: Earthquakes may be caused by the movement of lava beneath the surface of the earth during volcanic activity.
  • Dislocation of the Earth’s crust: Earthquakes may be caused by the dislocation of the crust beneath the surface of the Earth.
  • Adjustment in inner Rock Beds: Earthquakes are also caused where is an adjustment between Sima [i.e., beneath the ocean is formed by Silica and Magnesium – Si+Ma] in the interior of the Earth’s Crust.
  • Pressure of gases in the interior: The expansion and contraction of gases in the interior of the Earth sometimes cause a sudden shake on the Earth’s surface.

Other Causes:

  • Landslides and avalanches,
  • Denudation of the Landmasses and depositions of materials,
  • Faulting and folding in the rock beds are responsible for causing minor earthquakes.

But there exists also a man-made Earthquakes:

  • The impounding of large quantities of water behind dams disturbs the crustal balance.
  • The shock waves through rocks set up by the underground testing of Atom bombs or Hydrogen bombs may be severe to cause earthquake.

Earthquakes causes Destructive Effects:

  • Dismantling of buildings, bridge and other structures at or near epicenter. Many men and animals are killed or buried under collapsed houses.
  • Rails are folded, underground wires broken. Fire breaks out inevitably in large towns.
  • Tsunami.
  • Earthquakes result in the formation of cracks and fissures on the ground formation.
  • The earthquakes cause landslides and disturb the isostatic equilibrium.
  • Landslide due to earthquake may block valleys to form lakes.

What can we do to manage environmental earthquake preservation and all the living beings protection?

  1. We now know about the causes of an earthquake. But to predict when, and where, the next earthquake might occur is a very difficult task. Attempts at predicting when and where earthquakes will occur have met with some success in recent years. Geologists also have been able to use instruments such as seismometers to find out the sources of seismic waves. They are also investigating other potential clues like tilting of building and change in the earth’s magnetic field. To get more precise information about the likely location of earthquake for long-term government planning, we need to study locations at different latitudes on the ring of fire for the possibility of earthquakes and Tsunamis.  The first step with donation fund is to invest in scientific researches about this aspect of earthquakes. If we can predict an earthquake we can prepare for it immediately.
  2. The second aspect we want to invest is the scientific researches to find the best and effective ways how to protect all the living beings in this world from earthquake. The earthquake strike suddenly, violently without warning at any time of the day or night. If an earthquake occurs in a populated area, it can cause death and injuries and property loss. It is, therefore, important that we identify the potential hazards before hand and take necessary precautions to protect people and animals as best as we can. People living in seismic zones where the earthquake are most likely to occur, have to be specially prepared. We are working on the safe earthquake program.
  3. With the scientific researches we will make a program how to preserve from earthquake, how to prepare for earthquake, how to protect all the living beings and how to minimize the number of victims from earthquake. Your donation is very important for this project and scientific research continuity and protection to all the human kind.


Thank you for understanding and your concerns about earthquake prevention!