Environmental protection and preservation

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Environmental protection and preservation

Environmental protection and preservation are one of the greatest challenges for our generation, because the future of the whole planet depends on the choices we make. In what environment will our children and future generations live? Will we have clean water and enough forests that provide us with resources for living? The final countdown has started and we are the only specie in this planet that really can make some action and impact to save our home – planet earth.

Our actions as humans have had a detrimental impact on the environment; natural resources are in decline, air and water pollution are affecting flora, fauna and our own health. Many environmental problems have increased as the result of human activities and unplanned management of the technological development which caused a lot for nature and all the living beings in it.  

Our environment is constantly changing. However, as our environment changes, so does the need to become increasingly aware of the problems that surround it. With a massive influx of natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, different types of weather patterns what leaves many species and people with no home, water, other energy resources and much more, people in all the world need to be aware of what types of environmental problems our planet is facing and need to make some action now.

Our planet is poised at the brink of a severe environmental crisis. Current environmental problems make us vulnerable to disasters and tragedies, now and in the future. We are in a state of planetary emergency, with environmental problems piling up high around us. Unless we address the various issues prudently and seriously we are surely doomed for disaster. Current environmental problems require urgent attention.

Environmental protection and preservation is more than just recycling. It is a mindset that promotes high-quality green living as well. By cutting down on consumption and reducing waste, we can all help foster a healthier world.

What more can we do to manage environmental protection and preservation?

  1. Promotion of environmental protection and preservation is essential for working with all the generations because the biggest problem is that people don’t realize that there is such a problem. We are already consuming resources at an alarming rate, and quicker than our planet is able to replenish them. If we focus on Western countries where the culture is the most developed, the problem is even greater. The Charity Support plan is to conduct a global survey of reports and releasing the most problematic countries with the highest levels of environmental pollution and other global important problems as well the global reports about most dangerous worldwide companies who are affecting nature and human lives.  
  2. The program is implemented through informative, educational campaigns for media and creative education projects for all the humanity – different social groups and cultures to adjust the educational material as concrete and understandable as possible. Our plan also is to  unite all the leading charity and donation programs, organizations, activists and volunteers to work with same principles and suggest them to include in their activities our suggestions from the research. Our expert team develops the directions that require media campaigns and what educational projects would be most prevalent among children and students.
  3. Internationally donated funds serve global environmental protection and conservation goals. The work of our expert and partner country expert groups is most likely to result in real changes to national environmental legislation. From the experience we have learned that only by building a collaborative team environment  we can make a real impact. Charity Support will unite everyone who cares to save this world! Your support will help enormously!

Thank you for understanding and your concerns about environmental protection and conservation!