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What is social responsibility? The first responsibility to society is to operate at a profit, and only slightly less important is the necessity for growth. The business is the wealth-creating and wealth-producing organ of the society. Management must maintain its wealth-producing resource intact by making adequate profits to offset the risk of economic activity. And it must beside increase the wealth-producing capacity of these resources and with them the wealth of society.

The social responsibility is very importance to both society and business organizations. Although there are some arguments for and against social responsibility, even more of the organizations would take action on social responsibility. Believed that, the best interest of business organizations is social responsibilities, that would be benefit in the long run of company, can be earn more profit, and benefit to the human and the environment.

For example many non-profit and charitable organizations can benefit from social responsibility programs. Local and national groups such as food banks, shelters and the Red Cross receive donations of cash and volunteer labor from businesses all across the world. This direct giving is one type of social responsibility program.

Many companies can also choose to take a long-term, strategic look at social responsibility programs. They actually create products or provide services that help fill a societal need. Examples :
  • A company that specializes in job training for disabled adults
  • A business that aims to find alternative uses for used goods, to keep them out of landfills
  • A group that brings investors into a declining area to revitalize it and create green technology jobs

Some firms have a strong foundation of corporate social responsibility, which governs everything from the products and services they produce to the hours they dedicate to volunteer work.

What more can we do to manage social responsibility support program?

  1. Your support will help us to make a research and find the best examples how to show the companies that they should take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business operations.
  2. Your donation for the social responsibility program will also support our work with business organizations. In our work, we promote compliance with social responsibility and campaigns in various industries. A strong commitment to social responsibility programs can protect and enhance a company’s brand – it can help create a positive working environment, boost sales and attract desirable employees. Everyone can benefit when companies focus on social responsibility.
  3. Our main goal in long term is to encourage companies to focus and practice a few broad categories on social responsibility: environmental efforts, philanthropy (donating money, products or services to social causes), ethical labor practices and volunteering. By doing this together we can make a better environment for all the beings in this world. But to do it at first we need to invest our resources and time to make a research and educational materials about social responsibility issue all over the world!

Thank you for understanding and your wish to support Social Responsibility Program movement!