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Tsunamis are immensely strong, long length and long period sea waves. Tsunamis have caused much grief and sorrow for anyone who have experienced it. The term tsunami comes from the Japanese language meaning harbor and wave.

The strength of a tsunami is absolutely frightening; a tsunami can completely destroy a city within minutes. Tsunamis are behaves differently in shallow and deep water. In deep ocean water, tsunami waves form only small humps and are barely noticeable and harmless. In shallow water a tsunami slows down to ten miles per hour but in doing so, it forms large destructive waves. Tsunamis are forces of nature that cause death and destruction in many areas in the world.

Tsunamis can be caused by any action that creates an abrupt disturbance underwater. This can include a volcanic eruption or landslide, and even a meteorite or nuclear explosion, although these last two examples are rare. The most common cause of a tsunami is an earthquake, which is a sudden shifting of the earth’s crust, which releases energy. If an earthquake happens underwater, the seafloor lifts and then drops back down, causing the overlying water to be displaced and triggering waves of water.

For many of the people affected, they will never forget the terrifying ordeal of being caught in a tsunami. The scars that are inflicted on the land can be present for decades to come, and this only serves as a reminder to people living in the area of the terrible losses caused by the tsunami, and the lingering danger that yet another killer tidal wave could strike at any moment with very little warning.

Tsunami effects are : damage and destruction; death; disease; costs to recover the damaged areas and save lives; psychological effects and many more. Taking in consideration all the problems and causes what tsunami takes with its large waves, Charity Support team has a big plan how to protect the victims and their homes from tsunami.


What can we do to protect the victims of tsunami?

  1. Scientists are constantly trying to learn new ways to predict the behavior of tsunamis. Given current technology however, most tsunami data come to us after the damage has already occurred. Charity Support scientists are making a research to work on discovering the most effective ways how to predict tsunami. By improving this technology it can save many people lives – potential tsunami victims living in danger zones.
  2. Second thing Charity Support scientists are developing with the research is by making an evacuation plan for people living in danger zones. Our team is working hard on finding the most effective ways to move a large amount of humans from one place to another and take care of them. Our team is constantly searching for new funds to build new homes for people living in danger zones.
  3. Third thing Charity Support researchers are developing is the psychological help for people– in this research our team is searching for the best methods how to help people who suffered from tsunami and still live in a danger zone with no clue when the next catastrophe will happen. It includes also the tips and help how to start to live again, rebuild home and lives, and accept life as it is. Your help will help to save many people lives!


Thank you for understanding and your concerns about tsunami victims protection.