Wildfire prevention program

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Wildfires are uncontrolled, rapidly spreading, and raging huge flames enhanced with wind action and firebrands that can wipe out an extensive forest or vegetation land area within minutes. Wildfires are among forces of nature that cause huge devastation to humans and environment.

Wildfires are also referred to as bushfires, forest fires, woodland fires, grass fires, vegetation fires, and peat fires depending on the kind of vegetation being burnt. They are unwanted, unpredictable and unplanned fires that occur in wildlands. Wildfires are so extreme that they can burn at a temperature more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature is twice as hot as the surface of Venus. The flames of wildfires have the capability to reach 50 meters high. Wildfires can grow big that they change the weather patterns of a given area. They also spread fast on the ground, moving twice as fast an average human can run. With that said, it’s quite difficult to stop something like that.

It is sadly surprising that 90% of all wildfires are caused by humans. Human acts of carelessness such as leaving campfires unattended and negligent discarding of cigarette butts result in wildfire disasters every year. Accidents, deliberate acts of arson, burning of debris, and fireworks are as well other substantial causes of wildfires.  

But there also exists natural causes – wildfires occurring as a result of natural causes vary from one region to another depending on the vegetation, weather, climate and topography. There are only two main natural causes which are lightning and volcanic eruptions.

Wildfires are dangerous and costs a lot of  negative effects: loss of ecosystems and biodiversity; forest degradation; air pollution; soil degradation; economic losses; destruction of watersheds; impacts to human well-being and health.

Everything is connected. Wildfire can start if some person has left a live fire while camping and it can burn out all forest. But it can be more dangerous because the climate changes are costing the fire to be more alive and stronger than ever – it spreads around so fast that cities are burned out, human lives are lost on fire and homes are lost for every living creature in this world. Wildfire is strong and beautiful as well dangerous and unpredictable.

What can we do to manage wildfire prevention program?

  1. Charity Support team is working on research about fire detection, suppression and notification systems. The idea is to find the best ways how to predict the upcoming wildfire and have a protection plan what work fast and effective, especially in the areas which are the most dangerous and wildfires are happening often and destroying not only the forests but cities and taking peoples lives.
  2. The second thing Charity Support team is working on – work with the news media to get fire prevention messages into news stories. It means that the researchers are finding the best ways and solutions how to import this issue in the governmental sight. That government see it as a big and important issue and makes an effort also from their side to make some changes in the system and put an extra budget on developing the issue about wildfire danger and protection from it.
  3. The third thing is that Charity Support researchers are making a guide – protection – evacuation plan to people living in danger zones – how to save their homes and lives from wildfire. This research goes together with media, advertisements and other activities what will help to increase community awareness about wildfire danger, tips and solutions. Your support is needed and will help enormously for the research, new perspective discovering, solutions and predictable results how to reduce the number and areas of victims.

Thank you for understanding and your concerns about wildfire prevention program!