Should charities merge?

In reality there are many charity organizations all over the world and everyone working on one or several aspects.

There’s a free market for charities: people can support the charities they want to, whether through donations or volunteering. If people don’t feel there’s a need for the charity, then logically it won’t exist. But so many small charity organizations still exist and are willing to grow and be capable of doing more.

Charities help people to do good things in society, and it means money can be raised and spent in a way that others can trust because it’s accountable.

If we tried to set limits on the number of charities, it would mean that some good ideas wouldn’t get off the ground. We know that some of the best-known charities were started by a few people coming together round their kitchen table.

Among all of that we strongly believe that if we want to change all the system and stop the poverty, global warming and all the other issues, it is necessary for charity organizations to merge. In practice charity organizations merge all the time when they think it would be a good way to further their mission. Our aim is to gather all of them together and function as one organism, as new revolution what will have an possibility to make a big impact in all the world with its power. And the power will come of course from all the organizations across the world following the same standards, being supported globally and having a bigger power to change the world.

If we look to statistics that only in UK itself 2,000 charity organizations have merged over the last ten years. It means that charity organizations are ready and willing to merge when they think there’s potential to be more efficient or to make a bigger difference.

We believe we can do much more if we have common goals, strong support system and if we work together!

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