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Smog is a type of air pollution, which is a mixture of smoke and fog in the air. Smog is formed when ash, sulphur and other harmful chemicals present in the smoke emitted by factories, vehicles, zoom farming, burning of coal and industrial plants, are exposed to the fog. This leads to many diseases caused by air pollution. Smog contains a harmful mixture of fog, dust and air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds etc. Together, they make a dense layer of ground-level ozone.

There are three types of smog:

  • Sulphur smog -This is produced when there is high amount of sulphur oxide in the air due to the use of sulphur-bearing coal and petroleum substances.
  • Photochemical smog – In cities, after emitted by automobiles and other sources, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons pass through photochemical reactions in the lower atmosphere. The result is photochemical smog.
  • Industrial smog – This gray-air smog is produced from the incomplete combustion of petroleum oil or coal, which contains mercury and sulphur oxide.

Smog costs terrible effects:

  • Effects on human health – Smog can endanger human health. Various human health problems such as emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung infections, and cancers are caused or exacerbated by the effects of smog. The effects include coughing and irritation of the eyes, chest, nose and throat; aggravation of asthma; breathing difficulties and lung damage; premature deaths because of respiratory and cancer diseases; birth defect and low birth weights; the risk of developing rickets; risks of road accidents or plane crash.
  • Implications for plants and animals – Smog inhibits the growth of plants and can lead to extensive damage to crops, trees, and vegetation. The smog’s impact of altering the natural environment makes it difficult for animals to adapt or survive in such toxic conditions, which can kill countless animal species or make them susceptible to illness.

The world leader in smog production is China. The pollution from its quarter of a billion cars has been implicated in around three million pollution-linked deaths each year, with China’s own scientists describing Beijing as “close to uninhabitable”.

What can we do to manage smog pollution prevent program?

  1. It is clear that economic aspects and the comfort what has gone too far starting to effect our health dangerously are the main obstacles why many big countries are living in constant smog. As every problem nowadays we understand that smog is also only one of all in the big chain and it is not possible to stop smog without changing the whole system including the thinking of humans.
  2. Our scientific team is not gonna try to rebuilt the whole system but will think realistic by offering the system something what could allow to function every aspect but at the same time will make some changes. The scientists are making a research about smog situation effects, solutions and possible results if countries will act as a one organism and make changes together. Our team is making a research about topics like renewable energy, vehicular and industrial emissions reducing and managing, energy efficiency increasing and conserving energy, use of environmentally friendly consumer products, smog detection and monitoring systems, human protection from smog effect on their health and many other.
  3. Your donation will help us to continue with our research and go one step forward to find new solutions and most effective ways how to prevent smog and help every living being in this world.


Thank you for understanding and your concerns about smog pollution prevent program!