Zero Waste management program

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The concept of zero waste goes beyond recycling and composting at the end of a product’s life cycle, to encompass the entire life cycle of a product, beginning with product design, and envisioning the use and management of materials in ways that preserve value, minimize environmental impacts, and conserve natural resources.

We currently live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth and then dump them in a giant hole in the ground. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where we write trash out of existence. The circular economy mimics nature in that there is no trash in nature and basically it goes together with the concept of nature itself – as the seasons goes in the circle also the resources we use can be reused.

Zero Waste also provides significant environmental and economic benefits, but with all eyes on climate change, it’s time to prioritize Zero Waste as a proven, cost-effective climate solution. By taking action now, we can take a significant chunk out of our climate impact and can buy ourselves the much needed time to address our longer-term challenges around energy and transportation.

Zero waste program include all of the following strategies:
  • Reusing discards (new generation of building homes or other things from used materials);
  • The principle of producer accountability (including extended producer responsibility strategies);
  • Comprehensive recycling;
  • Comprehensive composting or bio-digestion of organic materials;
  • Citizen participation and worker rights;
  • A ban on waste incineration and illegal dumping;
  • The systematic reduction of landfilling over time;
  • Effective policies, regulations, incentives, and financing structures to support these systems.

The idea of zero waste principle is if a product can’t be reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned, or removed from production.

Nowadays zero waste community is growing bigger every day – it is an active movement and it works by people inspiring each other with their daily life stories, tips and small businesses.

With just one small step at a time, it is possible to greatly reduce your footprint. Going zero waste isn’t just great for the environment, people notice an improvement in the quality of life. Side effects include eating better, feeling better, saving money,  not having to take out the trash, and not feeling guilty for daily actions like buying food in plastic bags, using packagings only for one time and many other.

  1. With your support we will make an worldwide research in cooperation with  Zero waste community all over the globe to find the best ways and solutions what Zero Waste lifestyle can do to benefit this world and how to spread the information all over the world and grow this movement much stronger and bigger.
  2. Your support will help to educate people about zero waste lifestyle by campaigns and  educational programs to grow Zero waste community bigger and spread this movement all over the world. With your support we will help Zero waste organizations, shops, activists and community in general to promote their actions and help with all generation society education.
  3. Our goal is to make the world more and more unpackaged and recyclable. Working groups of different countries under the guidance of our experts promote the implementation of Zero waste principles in production, consumption of goods, and legislative changes. But at first we need to put some serious investments in research.

Thank you for understanding and your wish to support Zero Waste movement!